Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gee, Wow, Yikes!...and All of the Above...

Hello World!  I have a blog!  I'm excited, but also thinking gee, wow, yikes, do I have that much to say...? I think so, and away we go!  First off, let's get personal.  I think its important to clear up one name.  Yes, it is important to have that "E" in there.  With a name like Susan Brown, differentiation is a crucial element.  So what does it stand for?  I could give you 10 guesses and I bet you still wouldn't guess...Wait for it, wait for it, wait, OK...Eddara.  Was that one of your guesses?  If you've read my website info, you'll know I have a very creative mother.  She took the first three letters of my fathers name, Eddison, and the last three letters of her name, Barbara, and got...Ta da!...Eddara, pronounced A-dare-rah.  I rather like it, and now that won't be haunting you as you read each post, right?  So glad we could clear that up before the most wonderful topic of design and color in all of its glorious forms begins!!  I love to share new discoveries in design and color and I hope you'll be in the audience!

Next week I will be in sunny Arizona and I am very excited.  Last time I was there I toured the amazing Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West compound, Mr. Wright's winter home, built in 1937.  It is truly inspiring!  Attached are some photos from that trip.

An art piece given to Mr. Wright constructed of groupings of nature, i.e. tiny stones, etc.  Love it!

I love the juxtaposition of angles and lines.

I love the integration of indoor/outdoor evident EVERYWHERE!

Frank was one of the first to introduce accent lighting above as well as in the floor.

Love the tree in the middle of the low table!

Very neat, organized sculpture garden on pedestals.

And what would an environment with a goal of integrating nature and interiors be without water--even in Arizona!  Thanks, I guess I do have something to say!  Susan