Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Study Spaces

So here we are...taking my son to his 2nd year of college...already!!. A good friend of mine told me the college years went faster than the high school years, and she wasn't kidding!! For those of you in the midst of the same, or even if you are preparing your school age child's home space for studying, below are a few wonderful examples of work and study spaces for every style. Check it out!

This would be my favorite spot, feeling the heat of the sun rays coming through the window, hot tea, my favorite design mag...and wait, yawn, I think I'm ready to nap...

How about rough and ready? A little industrial style for a more rugged look.

You can never, ever go wrong with the extremely affordable Ikea Expedit system for storage. Loads of desk space doesn't hurt either!

A little old world flavor perhaps? Sometimes all we need is a cozy chair, light and a throw.

Need a little bit more room than a chair? A sofa with a large coffee table works wonders for studying! Love the world map mural!

Isn't this a clever nook with a bit of both worlds? Desk and lounge spaces in one!

I'm really in love with this one. A bit more open than a closet yet it still has the flavor of it's own little reading nook, and the architectural accent above to give it true savoir faire!

I've seen this pic before and it has always been one of my faves. Super cozy and inviting! However, in my house, it would be inhabitable due to total cat takeover and layers of cat fur!

If your child really likes feeling cozy, even a single door closet can become a personal study space!

Good luck to all students this coming year!!!

Toodles! Susan

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sneak Peek: Music Room/Library

Today, I'm giving you a sneak peek into a music room/library I am designing. You can see my color palette of turquoise and chartreuse here in the reupholstery pic (yes a tad blurry...sorry) of one of the sofas. There will also be grey and a tiny proportion of lavender. You'll have to stay tuned for the final look!!

Have a "COLORFUL" week!!!