Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Only a Hollywood Metal Bed Frame

We have been living with a low profile style bed frame for quite a few years now, not by choice, mind you.  Personally, I don't like beds that are low to the ground.  A couple of years ago, we had just purchased a king size mattress but didn't have the base yet. I was so busy at work, I could not think of what type of bed, frame, headboard, etc. I wanted. A client of mine was getting rid of this king low profile bed frame to be replaced by the stunning new upholstered bed I had designed for her.  I grabbed the loft bed frame thinking it was temporary, and now at least, I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor.  I make a habit out of not grabbing my client's old belongings...I don't know, something just feels a bit strange about it, but this was short-term, right?

Well, two years later!  I've decided I don't want a complete frame, just a decorative headboard, with a basic metal Hollywood frame to hold the mattress and box spring.  What is a Hollywood bed frame, and why do they call it that?  So glad you asked!

"Hollywood is actually the brand name of a metal frame system that has legs where you can place a box spring in and attach a headboard as well. The Hollywood Bed Frame Co. began creating solid angle-iron framing systems used for box springs in the year 1925. In the same way that facial tissue is synonymous to the brand Kleenex, box spring frames are also synonymous with Hollywood since they are known as Hollywood frames. "

I was sick of shin high bruises from the wood frame, and with allergies, upholstered was not a good choice, and it would be easier to make the bed.  Lifting a king size mattress up, even slightly, out of a wood frame is no easy task!  I knew I wanted a nice metal frame, no flimsy sliding contraption.  My bedroom has all hardwood floors, so no wheels.  Those locking devices never last.  So, I searched the internet and found the style I wanted.  Not being a bed frame aficionado, it truly is impossible to tell what you are getting on line, so decided I needed to see it in person.

Did you know there is basically one company who monopolizes the metal Hollywood bed frame industry?  Since I wanted a nice one, I decided to call the most high end retail furniture store so it would be decent quality. No, all they had were the ones that were on wheels, basic, not heavy duty...and not in stock. Ugh. Feeling frustrated, after all, this is a basic bed accessory, right?  My husband said just get the basic one, and we'll take the wheels off.  OK, yeah I guess we can finagle that to work.  I ran up to the low end furniture store merely 2 miles away, and they had exactly what I wanted AND in stock!  No wheels, state of the art design, heavy duty! Unbelievable!  Is there a moral to this story? How about...Keep Your Options Open!

Enjoy a few more beautiful bedrooms with "headboard only" style beds:

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Foyer in RED

Hello! I'm super excited about the foyer progress in my foyer/dining room/living room project.  There is still quite a fair amount to do in here, but I had to share with you how fabulous the new wallpaper, ceiling, and chandelier look!  The foyer is not large, but very tall, with a "racetrack" style relief pattern on the ceiling.  My goal was to emphasize both assets.  With the vines crawling up the walls, your eyes follow up, up, up to the sparkle of the chandelier and the red ceiling accent. I think it looks grand! As the husband said, "It's like walking into a Christmas present." (And I believe that was a positive compliment! :)

 Clarence House Flowering Quince wallpaper and Crystorama Solaris pendant

The stained wood handrails, only, will be painted a glossy black enamel. The white stays. The Crystorama star shaped sconce will get two red chandelier shades.  Love finishing touches!

 The front door is to the left with a long skinny window next and the coat closet to your right.  The long skinny window will be getting iron hardware and a pulled back drapery.  So great to watch it all come together!!

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