Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Football Colors on HOUZZ

Fall is here...almost!  This has been an incredibly busy, busy summer for me, and for many people I know.  There must be some weird karma energy in the air uniting the emotional and hectic vibes.  Unfortunately, it has not been all positive.  Some events this summer have been exciting, some tragic, some nervewracking, and some just plain "yeah, ok, whatever".  Maybe that's why it's felt so busy...the emotions have been nothing short of a whirlwind!  Nonetheless, a lack of writing has certainly prevailed!  Hear, hear!!  With that statement, I feel like I should be in a medieval village courtyard listening to the angry crowd yell!  OK, back to design...  Getting excited for the football season?!  Well check out this article by writer Lisa Frederick where they featured one of my designs to represent the West Virginia Mountaineers colors of blue and gold!!

Show Your Team Spirit With Colors

Announce your football allegiance with something subtler than a shout: rooms dressed in color palettes to match your team!

In Alabama, where I live, sports — especially college football — are king. Almost every conversation eventually turns to how (insert team here) looks at spring practice, or how they'll fare in the upcoming season, or how they blew it in the big game last weekend. So it goes without saying that folks here aren't shy about putting their fandom on display at home, inside and out.   ~~click here to continue reading and see images~~

Hut, hut, hut...(that is what the quarterback says, right?)  ~Susan~ Registered & Protected

Thursday, August 2, 2012


If someone were to ask me if I like the color purple, I would say, "it's ok".  Nothing too enthusiastic.  Yet, when I look at my house, what do I see...purple, when I look at my gardens, what do I see...purple!  I think the term purple gets a bad rap, don't you?  My first instinct is to think of an ugly, intense Minnesota Vikings purple -- eeek!  Do you think that too?  What is it about the Vikings color that makes me wrinkle up my nose?  I guess if I look more closely, the colors I am surrounded by are more lavender, desaturated and dusty purple, fuchsia, etc. With every color, there are so many variations that I think it is truly difficult to say you "hate" a color.  Oh really, you say, even Vikings purple...yes, even Vikings purple.  We all have our favorites that truly speak to us, and mesh with our "color comfort zone".  Honestly, there are no colors I hate, as long as they are used appropriately whether that be the proportion, the environment, the combinations, the application (not a football jersey), etc.  Every color deserves 15 minutes of fame!!!

Let's look at some rooms where purple, and variations of the hue, really reign (pun totally intended)!

photo by Per Gunnarsson

Pinterest - I know, not a room, but how stunning!


Yikes!  Purple Passion galore!

Susan Registered & Protected