Friday, April 26, 2013

Redecker Hedgehog Brush

The Redecker Hedgehog Crumb Brush from Crate & Barrel. Get it here!

Isn't this just the cutest crumb brush ever? Not that many of us really take the time to get out a particular utensil to brush the crumbs off our tables. In fact, that's the one pet peeve my dear hubby has when we go to a nice restaurant...the crumb brushing..."really, is that necessary". Of course, at the restaurants, they use the bent metal type apparatus called a Crumb Catcher...not quite as appealing!

I don't think I would ever really use a crumb "catcher" or "brush", but it's just so cute! Only $12.95 and ships for free! What else could I use it for?? What would you use it for if not for crumbs? Let's think of something. I need some rationalization for buying this cute little creature!

Enjoy the weekend!!

XOXO Susan Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sun Room Update

Happy Spring! Not a pleasant topic in this northern neck of the woods, as we are continuously getting dumped on by Old Man Winter...and yes, it is getting "old"! One small project I am currently working on is a sun room update. However, in addition to a sunroom, this room is also the main, year-round family/TV watching room...and not a large space.  Currently the room is painted blue with wood trim and ceiling of a golden hued tint.

The goal of the space is a soft, monochromatic environment accented by dark wood furniture and a pop of color in the artwork. We are going to paint the walls a wonderful warm grey, Ben Moore's Smoke Embers 1466 above. The planked wood ceiling and trim will be painted Ben Moore's White Dove always go-to white.

Above is the existing grey/brown leather sofa and loveseat.

The new carpet:  Love this Shaw carpet! It's called Polished Comfort and this color is Silver Smoke. Sooo reasonably priced -- gotta love that!

My color palette: folded branch-like Duralee fabric will be the roman shades with the Dwell Studio's Robert Allen diamond pattern in a large ottoman with accent welting in a silvery vinyl that turns tan/gold when the sunlight hits it, like in the picture above. How cool is that? Perfect for this color combo, huh? The remaining fabrics are pillows.

Now for the punch of final decisions yet, but up for grabs from MN artist Jessie Schreier:
 Buddy and/or...



Stay tuned for the final before and after results!

Toodles my dear noodles...Susan Registered & Protected