Friday, April 26, 2013

Redecker Hedgehog Brush

The Redecker Hedgehog Crumb Brush from Crate & Barrel. Get it here!

Isn't this just the cutest crumb brush ever? Not that many of us really take the time to get out a particular utensil to brush the crumbs off our tables. In fact, that's the one pet peeve my dear hubby has when we go to a nice restaurant...the crumb brushing..."really, is that necessary". Of course, at the restaurants, they use the bent metal type apparatus called a Crumb Catcher...not quite as appealing!

I don't think I would ever really use a crumb "catcher" or "brush", but it's just so cute! Only $12.95 and ships for free! What else could I use it for?? What would you use it for if not for crumbs? Let's think of something. I need some rationalization for buying this cute little creature!

Enjoy the weekend!!

XOXO Susan Registered & Protected

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