Friday, February 25, 2011

Summertime Chairs

I must be having cabin fever because I am either thinking of lounging and basking in the sun outdoors, OR, better storage for the inside of the house (future post--stay tuned).  I know, you are probably thinking, "Now how do those two relate?"  Mid winter I tend to start getting a bit sick of looking at the contents of my home, not that I want to dismiss it all, but a little less of it would be good---hence---the storage.  And well, lounging and basking in the sun--do I really need to say anything further???

So let's focus on the FUN part--lounging and basking, in style of course, in the sun!

Doesn't this look like a combination of Dr. Seuss, Retro, and Morocco all rolled neatly into one delightful package!  The chair is made from digitally drawn color patterns which are then woven by Senegalese craftsmen using colored plastic threads.  You've got your very own shade visor!

Nestrest chair by Dedon

When the world has treated you unkindly, you can retreat to your own little world.  I can see all ages enjoying this one, and sleeping in it--ahhh, a dream come true!  I think you would also have to invest in a  shepherd's hook however if you are placing it over the water in order to obtain the adorable pod.  This would look just as superb in your den, kid's room, etc.  Or you could have your own little pod community...

And invite some friends...

And for the contemporary lounger...remind you of a 70's mod, sci-fi show?  Or I Dream of Jeannie's summer getaway bottle?  I can see women walking towards the pod in Emilio Pucci psychedelic mini dresses, white vinyl fashion boots, etc. etc.

Ahhh, the sun, the warmth--how many more months do I have to wait??? Registered & Protected

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 80's are back & I like it!

Mauve is not dead!  Only revisited, restirred, and reincarnated--meaning its appearance and what it is blended with and surrounded by has changed.  No more teal and mauve together--please--no, nada, zip, zilch...  Like most other colors currently, pink is taking on a "greige" tone.  And on the contraire, I am really diggin' it!  Take a gander at these ultra fabulous environments and fashion using MAUVE!!

Design to Inspire:  from London based design firm Carden-Cunietti

 Look at that chandelier above.  Is that not the coolest?  I have to find out who makes that, or perhaps it was a custom, artisan piece.  I would love to see it lit up (assuming it does do that)!!  For your viewing delight, below is a little better close up.  Sorry, not the best pic--but it does give you a much better view.

 Design to Inspire:  from London based design firm Carden Cunietti

Marc Jacobs--Yes, I know there's teal in the background.  No, no don't even think of it--remember, this is a fashion show!

Philip Gorrivan--showcasing his newest fabric collections for Duralee/Highland Court at the Winter Antiques Show in New York last month.

So get out that big hair, Ms. Mauve Material Girl, but don't bring the teal please...  on second thought, skip the big hair too...and the leg warmers...and the neon colors...and the oversized sweatshirts...and... Registered & Protected

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hearts for Valentines Day

❤ Valentines Day is soon upon us, and with those thoughts, here are some "heart inspired" pieces to snuggle on with your sweetie.  Some are definitely more comfortable than others--you decide.  Enjoy!! ❤

The Ravioli chair designed by Greg Lynn

Heart Cone chair by Verner Panton, 1959

Heart chair by Luca Casini

Plastic Love by Joel Escalona

Love chair by Giovannetti


Or perhaps just snuggling on a cozy wool rug in front of a crackling warm fire...
Love Heart rug by Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company

photo by Style Estate

Contemporary Icoya fireplace by Arkiane


❤ However you celebrate--have a lovely, warm, and delightful Valentines Day!!! ❤ Registered & Protected

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Repeat, repeat, repeat...Contrast!

Hi followers!

I've returned from sunny Arizona, was super sunny, but in the 30's/40's!  Can you believe it?  Just my luck!  The super sunny, blue skies were still a wonderful treat.  I found myself constantly being drawn to repetition and contrast, so thought I'd share some tidbits of fascination and discovery with you!

I visited the Mesa Arts Center, a large, amazing facility with incredible architectural interest made up of separate buildings connected with interesting waterways, walkways, etc.  AND that's only the outside!

How fun is this short walkway?  I love everything about it--the yellow color, the walking stone circles & grass in between, the circular cacti, the two step down, the yellow panels with stainless posts, and on and on.  But I think what I love most is the repetition and contrast of simple shapes:  circles vs. horizontal/vertical lines...  OK, ok, AND the color yellow!  It just pops!

Another fabulous, and oh so scrumptious, place was the Queen Creek Olive Mill (try saying queen creek 10 times fast!)  The food was out of this world!

Love that repetition!

The bathroom!  Love the stainless cabinets contrasted with the earthy stone and granite.

A better closeup of the cabinet--contrast and repetition at one time!  Whew--need a moment here...

My gorgeous mother sampling oils at a handmade metal cabinet designed specifically for that purpose.  I love being able to see the solder joint marks on artisan metal pieces!

Wonderful patio, and on warmer days (not when I was there--notice the large heaters!), you can dine out in the grove under the trees!  Ahhh, european dining at its best!

If in Queen Creek, near Mesa, check it out!  Your taste buds will thank you, and your aesthetic flair will enjoy the entire experience!