Saturday, November 10, 2012

Inviting Office Spaces

I recently read how bringing nature into your office space creates a more attractive and relaxed environment for your visitors by invoking familiar memories of their childhood days exploring nature (ok well at least MY generation!)  I am currently working on a commercial space where the company is very eco, green, earthy, multicultural and hip.  I am soooo excited about this project and I'm having so much fun creating an environment unlike the typical commercial environment.  With that said, enjoy these commercial surroundings that I think are unique solutions.

The reclaimed wood really warms up this otherwise white space.

Need a boost of energy?  Complementary colors are always your best bet!

TBWA Hakuhodo Japanese advertising company.  I've always loved bringing the outside in!

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Slovenia -- YES, that's right...a government office!

Google Zurich -- This wasn't the only office space I saw with a slide.  Love that!

Really like all the stripes directing your eye to the middle of the room.  It draws you in.  AND the beverage cooler.  While you're waiting, help yourself to a cold one!

Vertical greens juxtaposed with horizontal reds.  Contrast and complement!
Ideapaint -- Brainstorm time!

Think Outside the Box -- Always!!

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