Monday, September 26, 2011

Add That Punch!!

Good Morning!!  I wanted to share two things with you this lovely, albeit getting colder, morning -- One: I love this room pictured below!  It is so eclectic, so many different patterns and colors, and yet, it all works because it it carries a "feel" throughout the room even up to the ceiling.  What initially caught my eye in this room was the orange throw at the end of the bed and the orange border on the blue/gray quilt.  What a wonderful and easy way to add a very focused punch of color to a room, huh?  I like it!!!

Oh, and the second...  I have a bathroom on a magazine COVER!!  OK, you've probably received a press release, seen it on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or somewhere else, but I just couldn't help myself blurting it out again!  Also, a wonderful 8 page article with more rooms inside the magazine -- SPACES Twin Cities!

***Cheers!  Susan*** Registered & Protected

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twin Cities Design Collective

Thank you Michelle Drenkhahn of Twin Cities Design Collective for profiling my by interior design business today!  Fellow blog followers, please click on the link below and vote "YES" so Michelle and her gang will publish greater in-depth posts on me and my work.



Twin Cities Design Collective
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Nicky Haslam

Recently I perused the portfolio of Nicky Haslam, the very talented, British interior designer extraordinaire.  In addition to magnificent interiors, he is also known as an artist, cabaret singer, socialite, book reviewer, literary editor, etc. and the list goes on and on and on...

In some of his projects, I became totally enamored with his use of oversized, bright white mouldings, casings, and details in architectural settings.  I love the sophisticated whimsy and prominence it provided in his environments.  So unusual yet so livable.  I just had to share!

 Don't these chalky white extravagances have a tinge of contemporary vibe to them?

Look at the extravagant mouldings surrounding that door!  What a statement -- I adore it!  

That side swirl is just so gorgeous!  I want to go home, enlarge all my white mouldings, add large, playful pieces, and adorn and adorn!  

What a difference the simple circle motifs on the cupboard doors make in creating some interest and depth on the built in wall unit.

Really a unique delight to run across these designs!  I hope they are as inspiring for you too!

Best, Susan Registered & Protected

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue on Blue...

When I look out into my back yard and see the gorgeous blue color of the Morning Glories that are blooming, I think of two things ~ Blue Lapis and Bobby Vinton.  No, I wasn't old enough to "dig" listening to Bobby (I was only two!), but I do remember my parents listening to him over the years and through the '60's.  Benjamin Moore's Blue Lapis paint has always been one of my favorite blue colors ~ a little bit dreamy, a little bit sky, and a little bit purple, so soothing and refreshing all at the same time.  With that soothing dreaminess comes past memories of Bobby crooning Blue on Blue or Blue Velvet.  Click on the previous song names and they'll link you to Bobby's lovely voice...  With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, it seemed like a good day to contemplate blue and being reflective.

Benjamin Moore Blue Lapis 2067-40

Feeling dreamy yet???  Have a wonderfully meditative day...Susan Registered & Protected

Monday, September 5, 2011

Yoga Balance to Design Balance!

Happy Labor Day blog readers!  I hope you all had a pleasant holiday!

Yesterday, I went to my yoga class, nothing new about that, but guess what?  I was able to do Crow, basic Crow, and hold my position for about 5 seconds.  Ooooh, wow, 5 seconds -- whoop de doo, big deal, you say?  Are you familiar with Crow?  Look at the pic below, now count 5 seconds...1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, etc. etc.

Yes, it was a big deal!  I have actually fallen forward smashing my nose into the floor in the past, which was not a pleasant experience.  Anything to do with balance, physically, is always a big deal for me.  In yoga, I have adequate strength, flexibility, and endurance, but balance, no way.  I dread it when it is time for the standing poses.  No matter how often I go, how strong my drishti (staring at a focal point) is, or how tight my core or legs are, I can not balance on one foot.

The other day I started thinking -- "maybe creating balance visually and instinctually, as in my design environments, is so very important to me because I struggle with balance physically".  It made a lot of sense to me.  Actually it's kind of a balancing of balance, if you think about it.  I create balance externally and intuitively because I am inadequate with balance physically.  By doing this, I feel more balanced in my life as a whole.

What do you think?  Do you have a part of your being that lacks whether it be internal or external, and so you find yourself making up the loss or striving for balance by exceeding in the opposite area?  While you're thinking about that, take a look at these gorgeous rooms that I think have great balance!!

Have a fabulous week!!  Susan Registered & Protected