Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twin Cities Design Collective

Thank you Michelle Drenkhahn of Twin Cities Design Collective for profiling my by interior design business today!  Fellow blog followers, please click on the link below and vote "YES" so Michelle and her gang will publish greater in-depth posts on me and my work.


CLICK LINK:  http://twincitiesdesigncollective.com/2011/09/20/spotlight-susan-e-brown/#more-2221

Twin Cities Design Collective
The Twin Cities Design Collective is a site dedicated to exposing & sharing the many hidden creative treasures right here in Minnesota & its surrounding communities.  Twin Our goal is to support local designers & related businesses in an effort to promote their work to the mainstream population and to each other for potential collaboration. If you learn something new, meet someone new or gain a client from our work, WE HAVE SUCCEEDED!Cities Design CollectiveA Collection of Twin Cities Design Projects, Products & Resources

Spotlight {Susan E. Brown}

Every Tuesday, we share 2 local creative businesses we think you might enjoy. You tell us if you want to see more!
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