Friday, February 25, 2011

Summertime Chairs

I must be having cabin fever because I am either thinking of lounging and basking in the sun outdoors, OR, better storage for the inside of the house (future post--stay tuned).  I know, you are probably thinking, "Now how do those two relate?"  Mid winter I tend to start getting a bit sick of looking at the contents of my home, not that I want to dismiss it all, but a little less of it would be good---hence---the storage.  And well, lounging and basking in the sun--do I really need to say anything further???

So let's focus on the FUN part--lounging and basking, in style of course, in the sun!

Doesn't this look like a combination of Dr. Seuss, Retro, and Morocco all rolled neatly into one delightful package!  The chair is made from digitally drawn color patterns which are then woven by Senegalese craftsmen using colored plastic threads.  You've got your very own shade visor!

Nestrest chair by Dedon

When the world has treated you unkindly, you can retreat to your own little world.  I can see all ages enjoying this one, and sleeping in it--ahhh, a dream come true!  I think you would also have to invest in a  shepherd's hook however if you are placing it over the water in order to obtain the adorable pod.  This would look just as superb in your den, kid's room, etc.  Or you could have your own little pod community...

And invite some friends...

And for the contemporary lounger...remind you of a 70's mod, sci-fi show?  Or I Dream of Jeannie's summer getaway bottle?  I can see women walking towards the pod in Emilio Pucci psychedelic mini dresses, white vinyl fashion boots, etc. etc.

Ahhh, the sun, the warmth--how many more months do I have to wait??? Registered & Protected
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