Friday, October 14, 2011

Thoughts in Red

Bright primary red...not a color I often use.  Maybe its because it is sooo primary, and I'd rather be a little off center (ok some would say I'm always a little off), but I tend to go towards the printer primaries (cyan, yellow, magenta) vs. the painter primaries (red, yellow, blue).  With that said, because as we all know, nothing is for sure, and exceptions are everywhere...I really like the primary RED, yes I said RED in these pics below.  May they warm your thoughts as the air gets cooler!

 Hotel Thoumieux in Paris, France -- if I were a little Eloise, I'd be living my life here instead of the The Plaza in New York.  This has my style written all over it!!

Michael Taylor -- heavenly drapery!

Carrier and Company, photo by Ben Hoffman

My son, Max A. Brown's, fabulous photography!  Copyright by Max A. Brown

Scrumptious dessert shared with my mother, brother, and friend Barbara at The Atrium Restaurant in International Market Square Design Center.  What a delightful presentation!  We gawked for a few mere seconds, and then gobbled it up!

Cheerio!!!  Susan Registered & Protected
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