Monday, March 12, 2012

Green is for Money and Luck

Recently, a girlfriend and I were in Sarasota, Florida and late one night, we were driving along and happened upon this bank.  I was just floored, and I loved it!!  It was all lit up in GREEN!  The color GREEN was completely saturating this building.  It is so fabulous on so many levels, don't you agree??  Of course, now I can't remember the name of the bank but I dare to bet you it has something to do with that big, oversized neon four leaf clover at the top, huh?

Let's explore all those areas of relevance with the green/bank relationship!  In the United States, GREEN stands for money, wealth, and capitalism because that's what color is on our monetary notes.  GREEN stands for luck as in the four leaf clover at the top of the bank.  GREEN also corresponds to the Old English verb "growan" or "to grow" to explain plants of the ocean.  We all want our money "to grow" in the bank, right?  GREEN is also associated with regeneration, fertility, and rebirth for it's connections to nature.  We all want our money to flourish or be revived after a decline!

Another interesting tidbit of GREEN is its use in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  In the Emerald City, everyone wears tinted glasses which makes everything look green.  Why?  The political interpretations of the story suggest the author, L. Frank Baum, used the color GREEN for the city to depict the financial system of America which was debating the use of paper money vs. gold at the time.

Last but not least, we should all be aware of the GREEN movement of recycle, reuse, and reduce.  Hopefully by following the 3 R's approach, we should all be able to save money and have more GREENBACKS in the bank!

Stay fresh and vibrant with GREEN!!

Susan Registered & Protected
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