Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Would Your Pet Confess?

Recently I saw these amusing animal prints on dog-milk, part of design-milk.  They are a hoot!  Can't you just hear the cats and dogs pictured saying these things, with their little smug expressions!  They are by Christopher Rozzi of New York, NY.  His Etsy shop is called Tiny Confessions.  Each is a print made from an original painting.  You can get a few different color options for the backgrounds too, as well as many more clever "confessions" declarations.

As much as we all love and adore our pets, it's hard to know what your pet is thinking or verbalizing, so maybe just imagining them saying these things brings us one step closer in our relationships with them, huh?  Really?  Really?  It's ok to pretend, right?

Meow!  Woof!

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