Monday, January 21, 2013


I love playing with design elements...looking at strategies a different way, reversing the norms, etc. For the last few years, a trend of reversing the size of wall decor over furniture has been booming.  I love it!  It really gives a new sense of energy and enthusiasm for rooms by playing with proportion and scale, and of course, I always love it when art takes center stage! It works brilliantly in creating a strong focal point and can give the illusion of enlarging a small space. In addition to being great examples of oversized art, below are also some of my favorite rooms of all time.  Enjoy these fabulous examples, and please, try this at home!!!  If you're not sure how to make it work, let's talk!

What can I of my all time favorite designers.  His mix of styles, patterns, proportions, and colors always makes me smile. Miles Redd

Another of my fave designers. As Jamie has said, if you're looking for all beige, don't come to me.  I agree! Design by Jamie Drake & Assoc.  Art by Lana Gomez

 Cool Liz Taylor art--Love the image of her in her slip with a drink, the pinky rosy hues of it, the retro feel, the way it fills up the wall, but in a child's bedroom? Hmmm...not so sure about that. I think future therapy will be in order. Vogue Archive

A mirror also does the trick.  Make sure it has a substantial, interesting frame.  Elle Decor

Steven Gambrel

So minimalist, yet feels so complete. Garret Cord Werner Architecture & Interiors

Don't hesitate to tuck the art behind the sofa if too large -- of course, this also may depend on the image. Design by Annabelle Selldorf of Selldorf Architects. Photo by Nikolas Koenig.

Notice how the sconce shades, on either side of the photograph, blend into the wall giving the art even more focal power. Amanda Nisbet Design

Photograph or painting, I see this design strategy as a sure winner and a classic, yet avant garde approach, that will never go out of style.  Go for it!!!

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