Sunday, April 22, 2012

Foyer in Full Color

Last week I did a post titled "Living Room in Full Color". Today -  the fabulous foyer selections within the same home.  Below are BEFORE pics...not a large space, but tall, and very cut up with doors, nooks, stairwells, openings, racetrack/varied depth ceiling, etc.  -- Yes A LOT going on!  We are keeping the tile floor, the white painted woodwork, and the stair carpet.  Everything else in the space is going ba-bye! 

The pillar above will get some additional moulding so it can say, "Hey I'm a legit column, and don't you forget it!!" Clarence House Flowering Quince wallcovering in the 20-22' height space will be perfect!  Accentuating the height is exactly the direction I want to go!  The movement of the dark branches will begin at the floor, over the top of the closet all the way up to the ceiling.  The ceiling will be painted the lovely tan in the background of the wallcovering with the one racetrack a darker version of the blossoms.  I may have to add a slight metallic bronze rub on the red if it is too intense, or worse yet, feeling "sporty", but time will tell!  Can not wait to see Flowering Quince on the wall and going up the staircase!

Below are a couple of spaces done up in the ever crawling vines of the quince!  You can see how awesome it is going to be!

 Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Photo by Gemma Costas from Domino mag

The window next to the closet will get a lovely drapery from this fabulous F. Schumacher fabric below.

The chandelier will be changed out to the ever fashionable Crystorama Solaris large bronze pendant.  Yes, I know the look, if not this exact pendant is somewhat popular right now, but the style is just sooo perfect (not to say anything about the wonderful price!)

At the stair landing is a wall sconce which will become the Crystorama sconce below.  I will have to think about shades for the sconce otherwise it may be a bit bright walking down the stairs towards the bright light. "Harry, no! Don't look at the light!" Remember that scene?  (OK, probably not if you didn't have kids at that time ~~ A Bug's Life!)

The Terra Sur Mondrian bench will be in place of the Victorian furniture with an accent pillow of red with small purple/orange yarns.  LOVE Terra Sur's furniture!  All made in Argentina!

I'm super excited to se this coming together!  Of course, after pics will eventually surface for you all to see!  Next week, the dining room!

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