Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wear Your Love Away

I saw this ingenious design on Designboom this morning, (well actually yesterday morning since my blog posts in the wee hours of the following morn).  I love "well thought out" designs as most design enthusiasts do, but when symbolism or significance is incorporated, I think it is elevated to another level of finesse.  Don't you?

According to Designboom's page:  "Japan-based design firm Torafu Architects has developed 'gold wedding ring'. The jewelry piece gradually transforms as the thin exterior coat of silver plating rubs away to reveal a gold band underneath. The creative agency tells designboom that the ring band actively portrays 'the time shared between two people' as the individuals wearing the set displays this passage of time through the wear and tear. 'gold wedding ring' has been developed in both rounded and squared bands as the 18 carat gold may be unveiled in either set of dimensions. The piece is available at deux poissons in Tokyo, Japan."

So romantic, huh?  Of course, if you are one of those spouses who doesn't wear their ring for whatever reason, it definitely is not going to bode well for you and the mutual outcome.  Better keep that baby on!

Keep following, keep reading, and keep your visual antennae always on!!!  Best, Susan

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