Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pink, Orange and Yellow

I am just tickled pink, yes pun intended, about my Honeysuckle perennial this year!  The blossoms are just popping up everywhere.  The hummingbird moths are circling around, and boy are they cool, with horizontal and vertical striped bodies.  You can see one in the picture above towards the top.  I couldn't get a close-up picture that wasn't blurry, so I grabbed one off the web.

  Aren't they cool? It is called a White-lined spinx moth (Hyles lineata).  I thought for sure it had to be a hummingbird with its super fast wing speed and because they often make appearances around the plant as well, but then my daughter, all of very bright 13 years of age, pointed out..."no mom, birds do not have antennas".  Hmmm...little smarty pants...and of course, she's right.

I love the flowers.  So exotic with splays of petals in colorful pink, orange, gold, and yellow.  Almost sherbert like colors -- so I thought...hey! let's look at rooms using the same color combos!

Love the addition of the chartreuse!  Ellen Grasso Inc design, photo by Danny Piassick

OK, remember these soft blue curtains for future reference... Elle Decor

What I wouldn't give for an office like this?! The Donghia fabric on the back of the chairs is one of my favorites.  I used it in a foyer below. Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Stunning simplicity, with just enough color to warm it up, but not sacrifice the minimalist feel. Studio One-off Architecture and Design

Did you keep in mind the soft blue curtains from before?  Look again!  Soft blue brought in with pink and orange.  I like it!  pj hollyhocks design

Feeling the need to wear sherbert colors?  Look no further!  A summer shoe just for you!  JCPenney

Aahhh, my backyard again...  serene and relaxing...  Susan Registered & Protected

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